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Nemo Tempo 35 Women's


Seventy percent of people sleep on their side, yet mummy bags are not designed to accommodate this. The new Tempo™ blends roomy comfort with NEMO’s popular Spoon™ shape for a relaxed, crowd-pleasing fit that packs smaller than a rectangular sleeping bag. With a generous cut at the elbows and knees, side sleepers can shift positions comfortably throughout the night.

Insulated with synthetic Stratofiber™, Tempo™ offers the best blend of moisture resistance, comfort, packability, and affordability. An integrated pillow pocket allows a jacket, extra clothes, or a Fillo™ to be stuffed into the sleeve opening for a handy pillow-on-the-go, while Blanket Fold™ provides extra tucked-in comfort and temperature regulation mid-season.


Minimum Weight          3 lb , 12 oz / 1.7 kg
Packed Size                 14.0 x 9.0 in dia / 36 x 23 cm dia
Temp Rating                20F / -7C
ISO Comfort               23F / -5C
Fill Type                      Synthetic
Fill Weight                   2 lb , 14 oz / 1.3 kg
Fits Up To                   5'6" / 168 cm (reg)
Shoulder Girth             62 in / 157 cm
Hip Girth                     58 in / 147 cm
Knee Girth                  62 in / 157 cm
Compressed Volume   9.7