GV Active Winter


The GV Active Trail aluminum snowshoes combine good quality and value for leisure hiking and casual users.


AreoLite Frame: All our frames are made of top quality, lightweight aluminum.

Entech Decking: All GV decking can resist extreme temperatures down to - 50* C.

  • Entech™ decking is lighter in weight and provides better resistance against abrasion.
  • New decking fastener system now on all our snowshoes.
  • Superior durability.
  • Prevents friction on decking bottom.
  • Limits premature wear.
  • Generates 50% less plastic waste.

Ergonomic Bindings: Large and textured footrest for a firm footing

  • Flexible for a good adjustment.

Luxor Buckle: Simpe and easy to adjust ratchet buckle with release mechanism.

Pivot Energy Saver Soft: Semi rigid pivot bar.

  • Reduces snow projection behind the legs.
  • The back of the snowshoe maintains contact with the ground.

Crampons: Snow crampons.

All our aluminum crampons are protected with a rust- proof and non-stick coating.

Dimensions in./cm / User weight – Off trail lbs

8 x 21 / 20 x 53              60-130
8 x 24 / 20 x 61              60-150
8 x 27 / 20 x 69              60-170