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Grey Owl Guide Paddle


The Grey Owl 'Guide' Paddle is a rugged and inexpensive tripping paddle for bow, stern or solo use.

No other paddle can give you the enjoyment and feel of cruising like a traditional paddle. Though not the easiest paddles to use in depths less than 12”,  the blade width area is more than adequate to maneuver your canoe. All basic strokes such as the ‘J’ and ‘C’ strokes, along with draw, pry and feather strokes evolved from this type of paddle.

Traditional paddles tend to longer, more slender blades and serve for a long time due to their overall resilience. Originally carved from one piece of wood. In traditional paddle making Cedar and basswood were prized because of their light weight while ash, maple and cherry would be chosen for strength and durability. Cherry was especially preferred for its resistance to rot and warping along while also being relatively light in weight.

  • 3 ply laminated black cherry grip.
  • Solid cherry, oval shaft: 1 5⁄32” x 1 3⁄32”
  • 3 ply laminated Black Cherry blade
  • Blade Cross Section Style is cambered
  • Casting epoxy wraparound tip
  • High gloss exterior polyurethane finish with a UV block
  • Most suitable for solo and tandem deep water paddling (2’ – 2 ½’ minimum)