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Morakniv Companion Spark


As appropriate for regular camping as it is for survival situations, the Companion Spark knife combines a quality blade with a reliable fire steel tucked in the handle. Build a fire, whittle your tinder, then strike the fire steel with the back of the blade for a cascade of hot sparks. It works equally well for lighting campstoves and barbecues.

  • Stainless steel blade lasts the long haul (wipe off with fresh water before storage).
  • Scandi ground blade is great for a variety of outdoor tasks.
  • Flat ground spine acts as a perfect scraper for use with a fire steel.
  • FireSteel is unaffected by cold, altitude, or water and produces a 2,980°C spark.
  • High-friction rubber handle is comfortable to hold and secure to work with.
  • Sheath with clip for mounting where you want.