Backpack Bocce


Easy to store and easy to carry, this downsized portable bocce set travels with you to wherever you might like to play: campground, barbeques, even the beach.  Set contains nine 1.75"diameter,  low density balls, measuring tool, instructions and carry bag. Tuck them into a backpack or tote for hours of outdoor fun!

Great for camping, backyard play, or travel
A pocket sized game of bocce without the weight!
Includes eight 1.75"bocce balls and a 1.75" target "Jack" ball, measuring tool, game instructions and carry bag.
Players: 2+
Dimensions:  1.75"dia. (Balls)
Dimensions:  5.5" x 5.5" x 1.75" (In carry pouch).
Weight 5.8oz.
Balls are made of  low density hollow plastic.