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Arizona Hiking & Cycling with Friends

Arizona Hiking & Cycling with Friends

We traveled with a group of friends to do some day hiking and cycling in Arizona with the plan of getting enough time on our boots to take on the challenge of The Grand Canyon in one day for our grand finale!

We spent 4 days doing long hikes and one cycling the same crazy routes on bikes. It is a hiking and cycling paradise where you can manage to feel all alone out there despite the number of cars in the parking lots.

Our final hike day was the Grand Canyon and they do try to talk you out of attempting the down and back but we had agreed that we would all do it at our own pace and turn around when we were ready. As it turned out, we all managed to get down as a group and then drifted apart on the ascent, which as expected was more tiring. Since most of us were still together at the last rest stop, we waited there for the last two to show up so we could all finish together. Ten and a half hours total time.

As an avid outdoors woman I love my gear and having the right equipment for what I'm doing. My Osprey Talon 11 carried my extra layers for the zero degree weather at the top of the Canyon and snacks every day. No rainwear required in this state!

Lowa boots for day hikes and Salomon Speedcross for the Canyon were both ideal. Smartwool socks all round for all temperatures were perfect. Who doesn't love their Smartwool socks?!

I hope this inspired you to push yourself and work towards a goal! No adventure goals are unattainable if you just keep a steady pace.