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Red Paddle Towelling Change Robe


Incredibly lightweight yet super absorbent, Red Paddle's microfibre changing robe absorbs 4x its weight in water, helping you dry off quickly whilst remaining comfortable at all times with the soft, quick drying fabric.

  • Dry in record time with the advanced super absorbent towelling robe, fabric dries quickly after use
  • Highly portable and perfect for storing at home or in luggage, lightweight design
  • Soft material made from premium 200gsm suede microfibre, stays soft even after every use
  • Sleek tailoring with Red’s minimal branding, conveniently protects modesty when changing outdoors
  • Additional features mean no compromise with the handy drawstring hood and large front pockets
  • Ideal for after a variety of activities, microfibre towelling robe absorbs 4 times its weight in water; size based on user height not build
  • Thoughtfully crafted with usability at the centre, the  quick-dry microfibre towelling robe is lightweight, portable, and super absorbent.

Ideal for a range of uses, the quick-dry microfibre changing robe absorbs 4 times its weight in water. Even when wet, the advanced suede microfibre fabric holds its softness and dries in record time at the end of the session.

Cut in a sleek design, the robe provides plenty of space to change whilst protecting modesty.