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Macchu Sit Harness Youth


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It can adapt as your child grows! MACCHU is an adjustable sit harness for children less than 40 kg. The harness has a wide range of adjustability, allowing it to grow with your child, adapting to their size. For small children, it’s possible to add BODY shoulder straps, converting it into a full-body harness. With padded waistbelt and leg loops, it is very comfortable when hanging. The waistbelt buckles allow you to properly position the tie-in points, and the attachment loop is a different color for rapid visual inspection of the belay system connection point. It also has two gear loops and an accessory loop for a chalk bag, to be just like the grown-ups.


Adjustable sit harness for children less than 40 kg:
- Adaptable with the growth of your child, with a wide range of adjustability
- DOUBLEBACK waistbelt and leg loop buckles allow quick adjustment to your child’s size and seasonal clothing
- Adding the BODY shoulder straps creates a full-body harness for learning how to climb on top rope

Comfortable when hanging:
- ENDOFRAME Technology construction allows optimal weight distribution
- Padded waistbelt and leg loops
- The lack of through stitching minimizes chafe and friction zones in the waistbelt

Same features as an adult harness:
- Two tie-in points and a brightly colored belay loop allow a quick visual check to confirm the belay device is properly attached
- Two rigid gear loops positioned at the front for easy and quick access to equipment
- Rear accessory loop for attaching a chalk bag
- Detachable rear leg loop elastic bands