STS X Pot 1.4L

Color: Orange

The Backpacker magazine Editors' Choice award was bestowed upon the X-Pot™ in 2015 for its innovation, space-saving capability and functionality features. The real beauty of X-Cookware is its ability to collapse and nest neatly with other pieces in the series into a small disc that can easily slide into a backpack, canoe bag or camping box.

Size Guide

1.4 liter: Just you
2.8 liter: Two teenage boys or three people

Best Use

The compactness of the X-Cookware (with X-Bowls, X-Mugs, an X-Kettle and an X-Brew nested inside) is unrivaled and is great for backpacking or bicycle/motorcycle touring.



·    BPA free, heat resistant silicone – built to EU food-grade standards

·    Hard anodized 6063-T6 aluminum base conducts heat really well for outdoor gourmet cooking

·    Durable translucent strainer lid

·    Stainless steel ring embedded in the rim provides stability