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Lowa Ottawa GTX Men's

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Sporty and functional through the frosty time of the year, here’s the LOWA Ottawa GTX winter boot. If we had to describe the Ottawa GTX, we would say it’s the ideal winter shoe for every even­tuality. With its cozy warm wool-blend Gore-Tex Partelana lining, a grippy winter sole, high-quality suede leather at the upper and a midsole made from LOWA DynaPU, it’s the perfect boot for winter weather. The boot is also 100% waterproof and designed with optimal breathability thanks to its Gore-Tex lining.

 The LOWA Ottawa GTX is equipped with a LOWA rubber outsole. Conceived by LOWA to meet the chal­lenges of real-world use, the profile design is made from an optimized rubber compound. The result is a rubber outsole with good traction in the back­country and off-trail. The LOWA Winter Trac is a comfortable performance sole. The sole offers optimal comfort delivered by the special outsole design with its serrated stud arrangement.